One Pound A Day Challenge To Gain Weight For Females In 30 Days

The struggle with weight gain continues to be a major issue for no gainers out there. And I call them no gainers as they simply do not gain weight. “Hard gainers”, are the ones who gained weight but dealt with trouble during the process. It’s not easy for a skinny person to gain weight, as it is difficult for an obese person to lose weight. The agony is in the “lean gene” you inherited from your parents.

However, I prefer working with your body not against it. Understanding how it works will but your brain in the right track and help that body. The main idea in gaining weight is simple more in less out. Meaning more calories consumed fewer calories burned. This can be said in simple words but needs pages to describe the “how”.

Fight The Metabolic System

95% of skinny people have a very rapid metabolic rate. It burns fats as fire burn gas. This metabolic system is a nonstop fat burning machine inside each one of them. Every person who wants to lose weight is dreaming of a metabolic system like this. On the other hand, we are finding a healthy way to slow down the metabolic rate to sustain the amount of calories and be stored inside the body.

Our bodies need carbs, proteins and fats. All contribute to a healthy nature of the physique as each has a percentage to give space for the other to benefit the body in its own way. Carbs are good for instant boost in energy. Proteins are important to build muscle mass and fats are the main source for internal body heat, energy and protection of internal organs. All said, the key role to consider when consuming calories is to avoid empty calories. That has no benefit to the body and will not help in anyway but raise the sugar level in blood. This might lead to critical health conditions as fast foods, sweets that contain extreme amount of sugar and other unhealthy diets.

The 3500 Calorie Theory

To gain one pound a day is to consume 3500 extra calories per day. If you consume 2500 calories and burn the same amount you are maintaining your weight. If added any extra calories on top of 2500 you’ll start gaining weight. Most normal bodies burn in range 2000 cal – 2500 cal. The common condition that mostly found in “no gainers” is they have low appetite. The high amount of food intake to them is the normal for any normal human being. They overestimate the amount of food consumed inside the body.

This leaves us to finding a calorie dense foods, that is not too much of quantity but once eaten it gets the job done. Giving us a powerful healthy formula to repeat during our daily plan.

GOMAD, is simply gallon of milk a day. Yes you can take it in whatever form you desire. You can spread it in equal increments or random during the day. It’s all based on whatever you find suitable and best for you. The only outcome I’m after is consuming one gallon of whole milk a day. This is 2500 calories extra a day. Of course to add another 500 cal I prefer to blend it with ice-cream along with one banana and you’ll get a powerful very delicious milk shake. You can try being creative with ingredients, today bananas, tomorrow chocolates and so on. Milk contains proteins, fats and carbs. You also need to consider that this induces your appetite if you have low to none of food craving.

There are many creative ideas to get on female gain weight diet plan for all skinny girls to have a curvy fit body. As the only goal I’m after is to turn the fat burning machine into a fat making machine.