How To Get Rid of Lean Body Inherited From Family Of Hard Gainers

It’s quite a hassle going to nutritionists to get a personalized advice to kick you out of the lean body. Struggling with social problems to health problems and all pours in lowering your self-esteem. Most teenage girls are in need to get rid of the 12 year old girlish look. No curves, low feminine body and so boyish outlook. My clients dealt with most of these problems in the last years. The only way they got rid of their skinny bodies by committing to a powerful weight gain diet.

How To Fail And Give Up On Your Lean Body

Most who fail, are the ones who keep weighting themselves more often. My first advice for you, get rid of that scale, as your mirror and best friends will only be your judge. You can drink gallons of water today and you’ll gain weight but tomorrow you’ll lose all of it as it simply, water weight.

It’s not about how much you weight it’s about how your body looks, the muscle mass and your body structure. This is the most important turning point for you to understand. In order to get rid of your lean body you must understand how the skinny body works.

The Issue Behind Rapid Metabolic Rate

Most hard gainers have one major trouble; their metabolic rate is very rapid. Any food they consume gets burned. Add to that, majority of skinny “hard gainers” over estimate the amount of food they consume. They think they ate a lot, however, when they start measuring, they find a huge gap in the daily calorie intake. Leading to the body burning rate equals to the amount consumed. Some even have a worse problem, their burning rate is much higher than amount of food consumed leading to weight loss. And the last thing you need at this point is to lose weight!

Terrible choices of food along with high metabolic rate ends up with bad results. There are 3 macros to consider in any diet; proteins, carbs and fats. Those 3 are our ultimate measure to the type of food. The international percentage that many agree upon for daily food intake and considered healthy is;

  • 50% protein
  • 35% carbs
  • 15% fats.

Every gram of carbs and proteins is equal to 4 calories as for fats one gram equals 9 calories. Most normal bodies burn 2500 calories on average. You can calculate your metabolic rate be searching for “Basal metabolic rate calculator” and you’ll get how much your body burns per day.

Importance of High Dense Calories

You need to consume high dense calories of food to get fast weight gain results. Start by peanut butter and milk. If you consumed 1 liter of milk a day along with 2 table spoon of peanut butter (3 sandwiches a day) there you are with 1000+ calories along with your current diet.

Try baked potatoes, brown rice and pasta that if you got bored. This refined carbs will not only make you gain weight but it’ll slow down your metabolic rate giving your body a change to turn all of these into stored fats and disarming the whole rapid burning process.

I recommend this new diet plan called ” female gain weight 30 day plan” it’s designed for any skinny females all ages who would like to gain weight in a consistent diet plan along with strength workouts.

As I said before most fail because they never commit and now that you got yourself on the right track I prefer to go on and start acting. Too many plans will get you to failure. Stick to only one and get ready to leave this lean body you have.