About Us

My name is Angela Davids, a Lebanese and a Community Health Professional.

I am very passionate about nutrition and bodybuilding strategies. I’ve wrote hundreds of articles on weight-loss until recently, I’m more focused on another segment of people whom are females and struggling to gain weight.

The health challenge I would like to help solve is to make it easy for people set and achieve any of their personal health goals. Currently I’m very focused on weight gain, dieting, monitoring hypertension, managing their diabetes, or a host of other similar conditions. For this challenge I would like to be more specific and focus on diabetes and weight gain.

Three goals I hope to achieve through my methods in all articles I write;

1-  Improving reader’s knowledge of weight gain strategies that can be used to prevent underweight health risks.
2- Connecting with other peer writers who share the same interest to improve the quality of knowledge written.
3- Submitting original unique case-studies and articles to high quality sites to benefit from being more exposed all over the web.

Time to move in a scientific form to turn the skinny unhealthy bodies to natural sexy fit bodies & to remove the negative connotations attached to this body type! I promote body positivity by helping all females out there to have a sexy looking body that is healthy on the inside and sexy on the outside.

I will try as much as possible to simplify things and provide the best resources available to gain weight specifically designed for females. I’ve made many research and several experiments I’ll give my reasons why I endorsed every single product I promote over here as a weight gain aid. There has been vast amount of debates and discussions all over the web. About how to turn skinny bodies to natural curvy ones.